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Based in New York, NY, United States
Salman A Baset


Dr. Salman A. Baset is currently working as CTO Security, IBM Blockchain Solutions. He oversees the security and compliance of blockchain solutions being built by IBM and interfaces with clients on blockchain solutions and their security. He drives the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for blockchain-based solutions. Moreover, his team has built an identity management system for blockchain solutions which is being used by Fortune 500 companies.

Previously, he was in IBM Research since December 2010. His research interests are at the intersection of cloud computing, security, and big data technologies. He has led teams that contributed to several IBM services and products, including IBM Container Service, IBM Vulnerability Advisor, IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise+, IBM Cloud OpenStack Services, and IBM Cloud Orchestrator. 

He is active in standardization and open source communities. As chair of SPEC Cloud subcommittee, he led the design and implementation of SPEC Cloud IaaS 2016, the first industry standard cloud benchmark. He is a co-author of RELOAD protocol (published by Internet Engineering Task Force) for building peer-to-peer communication systems. 

He is a recipient of IEEE INFOCOM test of time award (2018), SPEC Presidential Award (2016), Young Scholars Award by Marconi Society (2008), best paper award at IPTCOMM (2010), and several IBM awards. From 2012-2014, he served as the chair of Distributed and Fault Tolerant Computing (DFTC) Professional Interest Community (PIC) at IBM. He is a member of ACM and IEEE.

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  • Hyperledger Fabric
    Hyperledger Fabric is an open source project under Linux Foundation, which can be used to build a permissioned blockchain. This talk will give an overview of Hyperledger Fabric and its various...

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