Dr.  Alain Chesnais Digital Library

Based in Toronto, ON, Canada
Alain Chesnais


Alain Chesnais has worked in computer science since the early 80's. His research has focused mostly on computer graphics and along the way he led the team at Alias/wavefront that received an Academy award in 2003 for the development of the Maya 3D system. He currently is chief scientist at TrendSpottr where he works on real time predictive analytics for social media. 
Alain graduated from l'Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan in 1981 and received a Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies from Universite de Paris XI. He served as ACM President from 2010-2012 and ACM SIGGRAPH President from 2002-2005.
ACM and SIGGRAPH Activities
since 2014 vice chair ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters Committee
since 2013 ACM Practioners Boards
2012-2014 ACM Past President
2011-2014 ACM SIGGRAPH Nominating Comittee
2010-2012 ACM President 
2008-2010 ACM vice president 
2005-2011 ACM SIGGRAPH past president 
2006-2008 ACM secretary/treasurer 
2005-2006 SIG representative to Council 
2002-2005 ACM SIGGRAPH president 
2002-2004 SGB past chair 
2001 SIGGRAPH Conference - International Resources Chair 
2000-2002 SGB chair 
1999-2000 SIG Governing Board (SGB) Vice Chair for Operations 
1999 ACM EC Nominating Committee 
1998 ACM Executive Search Committee 
1998 SIGGRAPH Nominating Committee 
1997 SIGGRAPH Conference - International Chair 
1995-1999 ACM SIGGRAPH Vice Chair 
1993-1995 Member at Large ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters Committee 
1993-1995 ACM Director of Professional Chapters 
1993-1995 ACM Local Activities Board/SIG Board Liaison 
1992 Organized the local groups' booth for the SIGGRAPH 92 conference 
1991-1995 Chair of the Paris SIGGRAPH chapter 

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  • 3D Content For The Web
    One of the most exciting developments in browser technology is the ability to present and interact with 3D assets in a web page. This talk will focus on the introduction of WebGL since 2011...
  • Managing Your ACM Chapter
    Alain Chesnais will talk about his experience working in chapter leadership for the past 25 years. He started out his ACM experience volunteering to stuff envelopes for the Paris chapter in...
  • Real Time Predictive Analytics for Social Media
    Social media has grown dramatically over the last decade, both in terms of adoption and in terms of volume of information shared. Such growth proses huge challenges for people looking to...

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