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Kerstin Dautenhahn


Kerstin Dautenhahn is Professor of Artificial Intelligence in the School of Computer Science at University of Hertfordshire, where she coordinates the Adaptive Systems Research Group. The group consists of six academic and about 40 research staff and students. She has pioneered research in social robotics and human-robot interaction and has published more than 300 peer-reviewed articles. She frequently organizes international conferences/meetings and is invited keynote speaker at International Conferences. The main areas of her research are Human-Robot Interaction, Social Robotics, Companion robots and Robot-Assisted Therapy, funded by EU and national funding councils. She received her PhD from University of Bielefeld in Germany in 1993. She is a former member of the Department of Biological Cybernetics at University of Bielefeld, Germany (1990-1993), the AI-Lab at GMD (now Fraunhofer), Sankt Augustin, Germany (1993-1996), and the VUB Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Brussels, Belgium. From January 1997 to April 2000 she was a Lecturer in the Department of Cybernetics at University of Reading, United Kingdom. In April 2000 she joined the Department of Computer Science (now School of Computer Science) at University of Hertfordshire as Principal Lecturer. Later she got promoted to Reader (2001) and then in 2003 to full Professor. Prof. Dautenhahn has been principal investigator for her research team in a number of national and international projects. Dr. Dautenhahn coordinates the euRobotics Topic Group "Natural Interaction with Social Robots".  She has a number of senior editorial roles: founding Editor of the Journal Interaction Studies- Social Behaviour and Communication in Biological and Artificial Systems, Associate Editor of Adaptive Behavior and the International Journal of Social Robotics, Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development and Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.  Kerstin Dautenhahn is also co- Editor of the book series Advances in Interaction Studies. She is on the Advisory Board of the journal AI and Society. She is a member of IEEE (Senior Member), ACM, SSAISB, and the German organisations GI and GK. Her main area of research expertise can be described as biologically and psychologically inspired research on social robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Her background and interests are very interdisciplinary and she bring together different methods, theories and approaches from different fields in order to advance the design of socially acceptable, interactive robots and other artifacts. Her interests ranges from the design of such systems, intelligent algorithms for interaction, to the evaluation of such systems in real world contexts, e.g. for designing home assistant robots for elderly people or develop robots as therapy aids for children with autism. 

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