Dr.  Chuck Easttom

Based in Plano, TX, United States
Chuck Easttom


Chuck Easttom is the author of 25 computer science books several of which are used as textbooks at over 60 universities. He is also the author of numerous papers. He is an inventor with 13 patented computer science related inventions.  He has over 25 years of industry experience. He has been a speaker around the world at many major industry conferences (Defcon, ISC2, Secure Jordan, IAFLS - Cairo, AAFS, Secure World, Hakon India, etc.).   He conducts training and consults with private companies and governmental agencies around the world in cyber security related topics including cryptography, digital forensics, and penetration testing. His background combines academic training, scientific research, and hands on industry experience. He has been a member of the ACM since 2014 and has spoken at multiple ACM chapters.

Available Lectures

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  • Applying Graph Theory to Digital Forensics
    Graph theory is an area of discrete mathematics that is used to model the relationships between entities. Previously, graph theory has been used to model network traffic, biological systems, and...
  • Cryptographic Backdoors
    This is an overview of cryptographic backdoors, their function and purpose. Specific research is discussed including examples such as Dual_EC_DRBG and backdoors in RSA. This is appropriate for...
  • Exploring nonlinear dynamics and emergence
    This talk first provides an overview of nonlinear dynamics and emergences, as well as their relationship to computing. Then methods for mathematically modeling both nonlinear dynamics and...
  • Quantum Computing and Lattice Based Cryptography
    This lecture provides an overview of the current state of quantum computing and what impact that will have on cryptography.  Then cryptogrphic algorithms that are believed to be resistent to...
  • S-Box Design
    Symmetric ciphers are widely used to provide secure communications and data storage.  The ubiquitous nature of the symmetric cipher, indicates that its underlying structure is worth...
  • Steganography
    This lecture begins with an overview of steganography, including the history of steganography techniques. Basic current methods (LSB and DCT) are discussed. The lecture then describes more...
  • The role of machine learning in cybersecurity
    This talk explores the role that machine learning plays in cybersecurity. The latest trends are included.  Defensive uses are explored. This includes using machine learning to improve the...

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