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Dennis J Frailey


Dennis recently retired as a Principal Fellow at Raytheon Company in Plano, Texas. He remains an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Southern Methodist University (SMU).

At Raytheon, Dennis was a pillar of the software engineering community. In addition to his program duties (he was responsible for software planning, processes and project execution for over a dozen major programs) Dennis was a contributor to several business-wide and corporate-wide efforts for software engineering improvement, including software measurement, software quality and software development cycle time reduction. He also taught internal courses in many aspects of software engineering and program management. Earlier in his career he served as computer architect, operating system designer, compiler designer, and speechwriter for company executives.

Dennis has also worked at Texas Instruments, the Ford Motor Company, the University of Texas at Austin, and as a tenured, Associate Professor at SMU. Although he left his full time SMU position in 1977, he has continued as an adjunct professor ever since.  Dennis helped start the software engineering program at SMU and was vice-chair of the ACM/IEEE Software Engineering Coordinating Committee, chartered to foster the development of software engineering as a professional computing discipline.

He continues this work as an active member of SIGCSE and he serves on the IEEE-Computer Society Board of Governors and Education Activities Board. Dennis is also an ABET accreditation program evaluator in the fields of computer science, computer engineering and software engineering. He was ACM Council member and vice president of the ACM in the 1980’s. He holds an MS and PhD in computer science (Purdue) and a BS in mathematics (Notre Dame).

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  • An industry view of computer science education and accreditation.
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  • Can Software Engineering Thrive in a Computer Science Department?
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  • Careers in Computing - How to Prepare and What to Expect
    Too many people concentrate on getting a job instead of preparing for a career.  In a rapidly changing field like computing, this can lead to frequent job changes, burnout and dissatisfaction....
  • Computing Education  We Need to Change
    Change is inevitable, especially in the field of computing. We must change what we teach and how we teach it if computing education is to remain relevant and useful to our students.  This requires...
  • Improving Software Development Cycle Time
    Being first to market is often a critical factor for business success. Yet we often hear complaints about the poor quality of software that was rushed in order to meet a deadline. "Agile"...
  • Introduction to Software Safety
    Computers are used more and more to control the behavior of systems we rely on, whether they be cell phones, automobile brakes, airplane flight controls or power plants. What if a computer fails? What...
  • Software Engineering - Best Practices
    How do you build software so good that lives can depend on it? What’s the difference between developing a program that works and developing a program that’s reliable, dependable, and supportable...
  • Software Engineering for Large, Complex Projects
    Large projects such as airplanes, office towers, air traffic control systems and satellite networks often require special software development and management techniques.  Risky, leading edge technologies,...

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