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Based in MANNO ,TI, Switzerland
Silvia Giordano


Prof. Silvia Giordano holds a PhD. from EPFL, Switzerland. She is currently the head of the Networking Lab (NetLab) in the Institute of System for Informatics and Networking (ISIN), and direction member of ISIN, at the University of Applied Science - SUPSI in Ticino, Switzerland.  She is teaching several courses at bachelor, master and PhD. Level, in the area of: Networking, Wireless and Mobile Networking, Quality of Services and Networks Applications. She was/is supervisor of several MS and Ph.D. students and is guiding them to produce interesting research (two best demo awards in the last years). It is also worthy the development of two new graduate-level course within the CS curriculum on “Mobile and wireless networking”, and one new post-graduate course on “Green networking”.

She obtained several national and international grants for some very innovative projects for more than 5 millions USD, which she successfully coordinated, as, just to mention the most important ones over the last years:  the European project MACACO: Mobile context-Adaptive CAching for COntent-centric networking; the SNSF project CARMNET: Carrier-grade delay-aware resource management for wireless multi-hop/mesh networks; the European project SCAMPI: Service platform for social Aware Mobile and Pervasive computing; the KTI Project  PROMO: PROximity Marketing sOlution; the European project EuMESH: Enhanced, Ubiquitous and Dependable Broadband Access using MESH Networks;  the European project MONARCA: MONitoring,  treAtment and pRediCtion of bipolAr Disorder Episodes; the European project MEMORY: MEasuring and MOdelling Relativistic-like effects in brain and NCSs; the European project Haggle: A Self-healing Approach to Designing Complex Software Systemst.

She is co-editor of the book “Mobile Ad Hoc Networking: the cutting edge directions” (IEEE-Wiley 2013), and of the very successful past edition: “Mobile Ad hoc networking” (IEEE-Wiley 2004). She has published extensively on journals, magazines and conferences in the areas of quality of services, traffic control, wireless and mobile ad hoc networks, and her H-Index is 25. She is series editor of the Series on Ad Hoc And Sensor Networks of the IEEE Communication Magazine. She is area editor of Computer Communications journal by Elsevier, Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks journal, Ocpscience, Journal of Ubiquitous Computing and Intelligence (JUCI) and Journal of Autonomic and Trusted Computing (JoATC) both by American Scientific Publishers (ASP), and Mediterranean Journal of Computer and Networks, SoftMotor. She was already co-editor of several special issues of Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Elsevier Computer Communications, IEEE Communications Magazine and Baltzer MONET and Cluster Computing on mobile ad hoc networking and QoS networking, and serves as reviewer on transactions and journals, as well as for several important publications.

She will be program chair of WoWMoM 2014. She acted as general chair of PERCOM 2012, WoWMoM 2009 and IEEE WONS 2005; program co-chair of MASS 2011, AdHocNets 2011, IEEE PERCOM 2009, IEEE VTC-Fall 2008, and IEEE MASS 2007; work in Progress chair of Percom 2013 workshop chair of IEEE WOWMoM 2007; keynote chair of PERCOM 2011; PhD. Forum chair of WoWMoM 2013-2010 and MobiOpp 2010; tutorial chair of MobiHoc 2006; she is co-founder/steering committee member of IEEE Persens workshop, IEEE AOC workshop and ACM Mobihoc SANET workshop and is/was on the executive committee and TCP of several international conferences. 

Silvia Giordano is a senior member of ACM, IEEE Computer Society,  and IFIP WG 6.8. She is in the Board of the ACM N2Women.
She is expert for European Commission, US-NSF and for several countries, and in habilitation and Ph.D. Committees worldwide.

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