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Andrew Glassner


Andrew Glassner is a writer-director, researcher, and consultant in deep learning, computer graphics, interactive fiction, and storytelling. He is a Senior Research Scientist at Weta Digital, where he develops techniques for deep learning in world-class visual effects production.

Glassner is a well-known writer of numerous technical papers and books. His book "3D Computer Graphics: A Handbook for Artists and Designers" has taught a generation of artists. Glassner created and edited the "Graphics Gems" series, edited the classic book "An Introduction to Ray Tracing," and wrote the two-volume college-level textbook, "Principles of Digital Image Synthesis". He wrote the regular, eclectic column "Andrew Glassner's Notebook" for IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications for 10 years, resulting in three books of collected columns. His most recent book is "Deep Learning: From Basics to Practice," a thorough introduction to the field without any mathematics beyond multiplication.

Glassner has served as Papers Chair of the SIGGRAPH '94 Papers Committee, Founding Editor of the Journal of Computer Graphics Tools, and Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Graphics. A popular speaker, Glassner has delivered invited addresses to groups around the world on topics ranging from computer graphics and deep learning to story structure and narrative.

Glassner has written and directed both live-action and animated films, and was creator-writer-director of an online multiplayer murder-mystery game for the Microsoft Network. He has written three novels, several short and full-length screenplays, and is developing a serialized story for podcast.

Andrew holds a PhD in Computer Science from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a Voting Member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. In his spare time, Andrew paints, plays jazz piano, and hikes with his dog.


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