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Based in Yorktown Heights, NY, United States
Michael Gschwind


Dr. Michael Gschwind is Chief Engineer for Machine Learning and Deep Learning for IBM Systems where he leads the development of hardware/software integrated products for cognitive computing. During his career, Dr. Gschwind has been a technical leader for IBM’s key transformational initiatives, leading the development of the OpenPOWER Hardware Architecture as well as the software interfaces of the OpenPOWER Software Ecosystem. In previous assignments, he was a chief architect for Blue Gene, the little-endian OpenPOWER Linux software architecture, OpenPower hardware architecture, the first-in-industry accelerator architecture Cell, POWER9, POWER8, POWER7, and the Xbox360 media accelerator engine. As a faculty member at the Technical University of Vienna, Dr. Gschwind invented inference and training accelerators for neural networks which have become the technology base for the cognitive revolution.  Dr. Gschwind is an author of over 100 reviewed papers spanning all fields of computing from chip design and design automation to software architecture and cognitive computing, and an inventor of over 400 issued patents.  Dr. Gschwind is a member of the ACM SIGMICRO Executive Board, a Fellow of the IEEE, an IBM Master Inventor and a Member of the IBM Academy of Technology.  

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