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Based in Toronto, ON, Canada
Alec Jacobson


Alec Jacobson is an Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics at University of Toronto. Before that he was a post-doctoral researcher at Columbia University working with Prof. Eitan Grinspun. He received a PhD in Computer Science from ETH Zurich advised by Prof. Olga Sorkine-Hornung, and an MA and BA in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University. His PhD thesis on real-time deformation techniques for 2D and 3D shapes was awarded the ETH Medal and the Eurographics Best PhD award. Leveraging ideas from differential geometry and finite-element analysis, his work in geometry processing improves exposure of geometric quantities, while his novel user interfaces reduce human effort and increase exploration. He has published several papers in the proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH. He leads development of the widely used geometry processing library, libigl, winner of the 2015 SGP software award. In 2020, he received the ACM SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award.

ACM involvement:
  ACM SIGGRAPH Member since 2010
  Frequent ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM SIGGRAPH Asia Technical Papers Committee Member
  Program co-chair of ACM sponsored Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP 2020)

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  • Breaking Barriers between Humans and Geometry
    In the field of geometry processing, I work to make sense of existing geometric data and provide interfaces to put that data to further use. Today, we find many sources of geometric data...
  • Geometry Processing in the Wild
    Geometric data abounds, but our algorithms for geometry processing are failing. Whether from medical imagery, free-form architecture, self-driving cars, or 3D-printed parts, geometric data...

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