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Based in Singapore, Singapore
Min-Yen Kan


Min-Yen Kan (BS;MS;PhD Columbia Univ.; SACM, SIEEE) is an associate professor at the National University of Singapore.  He serves the School of Computing as an Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies; and the University as a Deputy Director (Research) in the NUS Institute of the Application of Learning Sciences and Education Technology (ALSET). Min is an active member of the Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL), and was a previous executive board member (2012-2015) and has been maintaining the ACL Anthology, the community's largest archive of published research, since 2008.  He is an associate editor for the Springer "Information Retrieval" journal. His research interests include digital libraries and applied natural language processing and information retrieval.  He is recognized as a distinguished speaker by the ACM for natural language processing and digital libraries research.  Specific projects include work in the areas of scientific discourse analysis, full-text literature mining, machine translation, lexical semantics and applied text summarization.  http://wing.comp.nus.edu.sg/

He is a senior member of the ACM since 2011 and a senior member of the IEEE since 2016.  He joined the ACM Distinguished Speakers Programme in 2018.

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