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Based in Athens, Greece
Georgia Koutrika


Dr. Georgia Koutrika is Director of Research at Athena Research Center in Greece. In the past, she worked at HP Labs, at IBM Research-Almaden, and as a postdoctoral researcher at the Computer Science Dept., Stanford University. She has received a PhD and a diploma in Computer Science from the University of Athens in Greece. Her work is in the broader area of big data and in the intersection of databases, information retrieval, and machine learning, and involves: data exploration, recommendation systems, user analytics, and large-scale information extraction, entity resolution and information integration. Her work has been incorporated in commercial products, has been described in 8 granted patents and 18 patent applications in the US and worldwide, and has been published in more than 80 research papers in top-tier conferences and journals. An IEEE Senior member and ACM Senior member, Dr. Koutrika is an ACM SIGMOD Associate Information Director and editor of ACM SIGMOD Blog, and ACM Distinguished Speaker. She has served as Demo PC co-chair for ACM SIGMOD 2018, General Co-Chair for ACM SIGMOD 2016, Industrial Track PC Chair for EDBT 2016, and Workshop and Tutorial Co-Chair for IEEE ICDE 2016. She is an Associate Editor for VLDB 2019 and 2020. She serves in the program committees of top-tier conferences, and she has organized several focused workshops in databases, personalization and data exploration.

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