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Based in Haifa, Israel
Tsvi Kuflik


Prof. Tsvi Kuflik is the former head of the Information Systems Dept. at The University of Haifa. Over the past ten years, the focus of his work was on ubiquitous user modeling. As part of this work, he explored the potential of using graph representation for user modeling. On another direction, inspired from component-based software engineering, he suggested a framework for developing component-based reusable user models. A practical aspect of his work is applying these novel ideas to cultural heritage. In the course of his work, a “Living Lab” has been developed at the University of Haifa – a museum visitors’ guide system was developed for the Hecht museum (a medium sized archeological museum located within the university). It was available for visitors on a daily basis for three years and served (and continues to serve) also as a test bed for experimenting with novel technologies in the museum. Currently, the system is being used for research on Social Signal Processing where signals transmitted by devices carried by the visitors are used for modeling group behavior, in order to reason about the state of the group visit. Another research direction focusses on the use of intelligent user interfaces in ubiquitous computing within the “living lab”. Where issues like interaction with large, situated displays; interrupt management; navigation support; temporal and lifelong aspects of ubiquitous user modeling are studied. Recently the potential of a mobile eye tracker and augmented reality technology for enhancing the museum visit experience are being explored. Tsvi got BSc. and MSc. In computer science and PhD. In information systems from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Over the years Tsvi collaborated with local and international researchers, supervised graduate students working with him on this research, organized the PATCH (Personal Access To Cultural Heritage) and UbiqUM (Ubiquitous User Modeling) workshops series and published over 200 scientific papers. In adition to being a PC member of numerous conferences and workshops, Tsvi was the General chair of the ACM IUI 2014, is the chair-elect of the ACM SIGCHI - IUI  community, the General chair of IUI 2017 and a distinguished ACM scientist.

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