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Ashish Kundu


Ashish Kundu is a Master Inventor, and  Research Scientist in  Security Research at the IBM T J Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York.  He received Ph.D. in Computer Science from Purdue University in 2010 prior to joining IBM Research. His research interests are in Security, Privacy, Compliance and AI Ethics for cloud, blockchain, mobile/IoT and regulatory computing environments. He is leading the security and compliance research efforts for IBM Watson Health Cloud. The long-term vision of Dr. Kundu's research is:  "How to weave security, privacy, compliance, and ethics requirements with the functionality".  He is currently the Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, and Guest Editor, IEEE Internet Computing Special Issue on Healthcare Informatics and Privacy. He is a IEEE Senior Member. Dr. Kundu has been a member of ACM for over decade; during this period, he has participated in several ACM conferences and acted as reviewer for many journals.

His work has been published in more than 25 publications in peer-reviewed conferences and journals, has resulted in more than  100 patents filed, and 50 or more patents granted so far.  Some of his primary contributions to the scientific community are the development of  leakage-free redactable signatures, discovery of security issues in programming languages, such as buffer overflows due to vulnerabilities in the “placement new” expression in C++, development of several cloud security and compliance techniques. During his research work, Ashish has established the areas of "privacy-preserving digital signatures, and data integrity techniques".  GCC released a patch based on his work on Placement new vulnerabilities in C++ . Dr. Kundu's research work has directly and indirectly influenced several products and services. He is the security and compliance research lead for IBM Watson Health Cloud Platform. He has led the research activities for security and compliance for IBM Watson Genomics, and IBM Cognitive Learning for Education Cloud Platform. His prior work has also gone into IBM Hybrid Cloud offerings as well as to IBM Everyplace Access toolkit. 

He has been recognized with several awards for his research contributions. Dr. Kundu received the Purdue University CERIAS Diamond Award for outstanding contributions in his doctoral research. He received IBM Research Excellence and Eminence in 2016, and best paper award in 2006. He was recognized as the Best Graduate Teaching Assistant in 2011 by Purdue University (Computer Science). In 2014, Dr. Kundu was recognized by IBM Research with the prestigious title of Master Inventor (he was the quickest researcher to achieve the recognition). He also became the youngest recipient of the Star Alumnus Award from National Institute of Technology Alumni Association, Rourkela. Dr. Kundu has also been named as a Competent Communicator by Toastmasters International.


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