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Based in Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Jysoo Lee


Dr. Jysoo Lee is the founding director general of NISN (National Institute of Supercomputing and Networking) in Korea. He received a BS degree from Seoul National University in 1985, and a Ph. D. degree from Boston University in 1992, all on physics. He was a visiting scholar at the Julich Supercomputing Center in Germany, and was a research associate at the Levich Institute of the City College of New York. He joined KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information) in 2001, and had been the director of the supercomputing center for 2004-2006 and 2009-2012, and assumed the present position in 2013.
He has been leading several national scale high-performance computing projects, such as National Grid Project of K*Grid, National e-Science Project, and National Supercomputing Infrastructure Initiative. He played the leading role in the legislation of the Utilization and Promotion of National Supercomputing Act, similar to the HPC Act of the States, for broader adoption of high-performance computing in Korea. He also played a key role in establishing national supercomputing master-plan of Korea.
He established the Grid and Supercomputing Program in the UST (University of Science and Technology), and has been the chief professor from its inception. He also is a vice-chair of the KSCSE (Korea Society of Computational Sciences and Engineering), and a member of the National Supercomputing Committee of Korea. 
He is a member of ACM SIGHPC, IEEE, and has been involved in several international organizations, including OGF (Open Grid Forum), SC (Supercomputing Conference), ISC (International Supercomputing Conference), HPC User Forum, GLORIAD (Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development), and Gigaport3. He organized conferences such as OGF and PRAGMA (Pacific Rim Grid Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly), and helped organizations of numerous meetings. He also published 60+ papers in SCI journals and proceedings, and on the editorial board of Journal of Computational Science.

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