Dr.  Shaoshan Liu

Based in Fremont, CA, United States
Shaoshan Liu


Dr. Shaoshan Liu is the Founder and Chairman of PerceptIn (www.perceptin.io), a company focused on providing visual perception solutions for robotics and autonomous driving. Since its inception, PerceptIn has attracted over 11 million USD of funding from top-notch venture capital firms such as Walden International, Matrix Partners, and Samsung Ventures. He is a member of ACM. 

Prior to founding PerceptIn, Dr. Shaoshan Liu was a founding member of Baidu U.S.A. as well as the Baidu Autonomous Driving Unit where he led the company’s system integration of autonomous driving systems. Dr. Shaoshan Liu received his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of California, Irvine and executive education from Harvard Business School.

His research focuses on Computer Architecture, Deep Learning Infrastructure, Robotics, and Autonomous Driving. Dr. Shaoshan Liu has published over 40 research papers and holds over 150 U.S. international patents on robotics and autonomous driving. He is also the lead author of the best selling textbook "Creating Autonomous Vehicle Systems,” which is the first technical overview of autonomous vehicles written for a general computing and engineering audience.

In addition, as a senior member of IEEE, Dr. Shaoshan Liu co-founded the IEEE Special Technical Community on Autonomous Driving Technologies and served as its Founding Vice President. Dr. Shaoshan Liu’s research work has made a major impact on the robotics and autonomous driving industry. His patented DragonFly visual perception technology, the “people’s autonomous vehicle,” is the world’s first safe, affordable, and reliable autonomous vehicle. The DragonFly enables reliable and low-speed autonomous driving and costs under $10,000 USD when mass-produced. The vehicle represents a breakthrough step towards the ubiquitous deployment of autonomous driving globally. Dr. Shaoshan Liu’s work has received international recognition both within and outside the technology community. Select media coverage includes Forbes, the L.A. Times, IEEE Spectrum, TechCrunch, ReadWrite, China Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Nikkei Robotics, and Wedge.


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