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Based in Toulouse, Cedex, France
Phillippe Palanque


Philippe Palanque is Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Computer Science at Université Paul Sabatier – Toulouse 3 in France. He developed and leads the Interactive Critical Systems team at IRIT since its creation in 2010. He has a first degree in Maths (from Université Paul Sabatier-Toulouse 3) and a PhD in Computer Science (from Université Toulouse 1 - Capitole). He spent some time in various research centers in the area of critical systems such as CENA (French research center in Air Trafic Management) for two years (starting 1995) and more recently a month at NASA Ames in California (2013).
Since the late 80s he has been working on the development and application of formal description techniques dedicated to interactive system. He has worked on research projects to improve interactive Satellite Ground Segment Systems at Centre National d'Études Spatiales (CNES) and is also involved in the development of software architectures and user interface modeling techniques for interactive cockpits in large civil aircraft (funded by Airbus). He is also involved in the research network HALA! (Higher Automation Levels in Aviation) funded by SESAR programme which targets at building the future European air traffic management system. Philippe leads projects in these domains for more than 20 years having to integrate as diverse domains as Human-Computer Interaction, Human Error, Automation, Formal Methods, Performance Evaluation, Dependability or Software Engineering. 
The main driver of Philippe’s research has been to address in an even way Usability, Reliability, Safety and Dependability in order to build resilient safety critical interactive systems. Together with his colleagues he proposed a formal description technique for interactive systems (called ICOs), a notation for representing operators’ activities (called HAMSTERS) and software architectures to increase fault-tolerance of interactive systems. All these contributions are integrated within a single framework (called CIRCUS) that allows developers editing the models, executing them and verifying properties at human, interaction and system levels. This has been applied to the new generation of interactive cockpits, satellite ground segments and Air Trafic Management workstations. 
Philippe has over 200 publications in international, peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings recent ones appearing in ACM EICS 2014 (Engineering Interactive Computing Systems), IEEE PRDC 2014 (Pacific Rim Dependable Computing) and Elsevier International Journal on Human-Computer Studies.
Focusing on recent service to the community, he is a member of the program committee of conferences related to his research domains such as SAFECOMP 2013 & 2015 (32nd & 34th conferences on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security), DSN 2014&2015 (44th & 45th conference on Dependable Systems and Networks), EICS 2014 (21st annual conference on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems) and programme chair of IFIP INTERACT 2015 (15th IFIP TC 13 conference on Human-Computer Interaction). Professor Palanque has chaired (with Matt Jones) the ACM SIGCHI CHI 2014 conference and is chair of the steering committee of the ACM SIGCHI EICS conference series (-2014). He co-chaired the IFIP INTERACT 2011 conference, is the French representative in IFIP TC 13 committee and is a recipient of the IFIP Silver Core award (2010). He is a Member of ACM (since 1992) and serves in the Executive and Conference Management Committees of ACM SIGCHI (since 2007).

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