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Based in Pisa, Italy
Fabio Paternò


Fabio Paternò is Research Director at C.N.R.-ISTI in Pisa where he founded and leads the Laboratory on Human Interfaces in Information Systems. His research activity has mainly been carried out in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) field, with the goal to introduce computational support to improve usability, accessibility, and user experience for all in the various possible contexts of use. For this purpose, he has continuously led for several years numerous interdisciplinary and international projects. In his research work he has always aimed at deepening and intertwining innovative aspects both theoretical and practical. He developed the ConcurTaskTrees notation for representing task models and designed an environment (CTTE) to support their development and analysis, which has been widely used in various industries and universities in various parts of the world. The tool has been applied in several application domains including ERP, interactive safety-critical systems, and the language has been the input for a W3C standard. He has also  been a pioneer in the area of methods and tools for automatic support for usability evaluation. This work has produced a number of tools that perform semantic analyses using client-side logs of user sessions for helping evaluators to identify usability issues. He has been working with disabled people in order to identify guidelines to support them, and design automatic support for checking accessibility of Web applications. The last result in this area is the MAUVE tool, http://hiis.isti.cnr.it:8880/MauveWeb/. He has played an important role in End-User Development (methods and tools to allow people without programming experience to create or modify their applications). In this field he coordinated a network of excellence of European groups. He also co-edited  two books on this subject. In this area he has also been working on programming models and supporting platforms for tailoring IoT applications, also showing how to exploit trigger-action programming for Humanoid robot personalization.

His Google scholar H-Index is 50. He has been member of the programme committee of about one hundred and eighty international conferences. He has been chair or co-chair of all the main conferences in the HCI field: Papers Co-Chair of the ACM CHI 2000 conference, IFIP INTERACT 2003 and IFIP INTERACT 2005. He chaired or co-chaired various other events including Mobile HCI 2002 , ACM EICS 2011 conference, Ambient Intelligence 2012, ACM EICS 2014 Conference , ACM Mobile HCI 2016, IS-EUD 2017, MUM 2019 and ACM Intelligent User Interfaces 2020.

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