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Based in Oak Ridge, TN, United States
Jibonananda Sanyal


Jibonananda (Jibo) Sanyal is the acting Group Leader of the Urban Computing Group in the Computational Science and Engineering Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. Previously, he led the Scalable and High Performance Geocomputation Team in the Geographic Information Science and Technology group within the laboratory. He holds a PhD and an MS from Mississippi State University (MS, USA), a BS from the University of Calcutta (Kolkata, India), and a BTech from North Eastern Hill University (Shillong, India). He was previously an R&D Staff in ORNL’s Building Technologies Research and Integration Center. Earlier, in his career, he served as a software engineer for Sasken Communication Technologies (Bangalore, India) in their Product Operations division. 

Recently named one of Knoxville's 40 under 40, Jibo lead a select group of scientists to provide their vision and leadership to define and align their activities with the projects, the group, and the division science agenda. He brings a unique blend of computer science expertise in geospatial applications, strategic business development leadership, and technical and organizational management skills with a track record of science delivery and technology commercialization that has been recognized nationally.

His research at ORNL is at the intersection of simulation and modeling, data, and high-performance computing. His projects involve components of pre-exascale computing, data sciences, visualization, and scalable machine learning as they apply to various problems in urban computing, geographic information sciences, situational awareness, emergency response, resiliency, and improving energy impacts in urban environments, smart electric grid, mobility, sensors & controls, and other interdependent critical infrastructures. Jibo has a strong interest in taking the research outcomes to produce tools and commercialization-ready technologies that address aspects of applied domains such as optimization, prediction, adaptation, and resiliency. His prior research focused on visualization techniques and creating operational tools for meteorological and hydrological ensemble simulations. He has a strong interest in devising sustainable solutions that bridge disciplines and require synergistic endeavors across multiple disciplines. 

Jibo has a strong interest in mentoring and engages in various activities to encourage young minds in STEM careers. He is an ACM member since 2011.


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