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Marc Shapiro


Marc Shapiro is a computer scientist doing research in the area of large-scale distributed systems, such as cloud computing and mobile computing systems.  His focus is on sharing information efficiently and scalably.  His research explores the trade-offs between performing updates quickly and maintaining consistency, when the underlying network is slow and prone to failure.  He explores both improving the performance of strong consistency, and strengthening the guarantees of weak consistency.  Marc and his co-authors propose Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs), a collection of distributed data types that are guaranteed to be correct thanks to the mathematical properties of their conflict resolution.
Marc's other research topics include concurrency, multicore computers,garbage collection, and operating systems.
A lifelong member of ACM, Marc is a Senior Member of the ACM and participates in ACM's Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP).  He was a Vice-Chair of SIGOPS and a member of ACM's Distinguished Service Award committee.  He founded the French chapter of ACM Sigops in 1998 and its European Chapter (EuroSys) in 2005.  He launched the EuroSys conference, now a premier conference in the area of Computer Systems.  He was instrumental in the creation of the ACM Europe Council, of which he is a member.  He ran the ACM European Chapter workshop in 2011, and initiated the Council of European Chapter Leaders in 2013.
Marc is a "Directeur de recherche" (Senior Researcher) in the Regal group at INRIA and LIP6, in Paris, France.  After his PhD at LAAS(Toulouse), Marc Shapiro dis his research at MIT (Cambridge, USA), CMIRH(Paris, France), INRIA (Rocquencourt, France), Cornell University(Ithaca, USA), at Sun Microsystems (Chelmsford, USA), and MicrosoftResearch (Cambridge, UK).
Home page: http://lip6.fr/Marc.Shapiro/

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