Dr.  Ranjith Tharayil

Based in Bangalore, India
Ranjith Tharayil


Ranjith Tharayil is an accomplished innovator, software craftsman and an inspirational servant leader, with over a decade's experience in the software industry. He currently holds the position of Head of Technology Consulting, SolutionsIQ and specializes in strategizing and planning digital transformations. He has been an integral part of the R & D departments in large scale product companies like Samsung, Society General etc , and has authored 8 patents and several publications across different domains which includes Agile enginnering , software architecture, Human Computer Interaction, image processing , graphics , embedded systems etc. 

Ranjith competed his Bachelors of engineering from Model engineering college, Cochin university of science and technology in computer science and engineering, and his Masters from Birla institute of science and technology  . He is been associated with ACM as an organisational member from Samsung since 2007 and holds a professional membership. His core area of expertise includes Agile engineering, DevOps , software architecture and design . In his current job profile with SolutionsIQ he works as a trusted adviser to many large scale product companies helping them strategize there DevOps / continuous delivery journey. He is a hands on passionate programmer and during his free time spends time learning new programming languages and frame works. He is also a cartoonists, an avid blogger and well known public speaker.


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