Persistent Memory: How Abstractions Impact Performance

Speaker:  Yan Solihin – Orlando, FL, United States
Topic(s):  Architecture, Embedded Systems and Electronics, Robotics


Byte-addressable non-volatile memory technology is emerging as an alternative for DRAM for main memory. This new Non-Volatile Main Memory (NVMM) allows programmers to store data persistently in memory instead of in files, thereby providing a substantial performance boost. At the system level, I will discuss how data structures should be encapsulated as persistent memory objects (PMOs), and how PMOs can be programmed. However, persistency programming is complex and it is difficult to achieve good performance. In this talk, I will discuss various abstraction choices,  including what is provided by Intel PMEM. I will also discuss how the choice of abstraction significantly affects the performance of hardware/software system that utilizes persistent memory. 

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Number of Slides:  50
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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