The ACM Distinguished Speakers Program Committee

The ACM Distinguished Speakers Program Committee is responsible for the oversight of the program, including reviewing its scope, procedures, policies and effectiveness. The Committee also reviews all nominations and decides which nominees to accept to the program.

Faez Ahmed
Jess Bell (Committee Chair)

ACM headquarters liaison to the committee: Cynthia Ryan


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Meet Featured ACM Distinguished Speaker Letizia Jaccheri

Letizia Jaccheri is a Professor of Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. Her research interests include software engineering, entertainment computing, computational creativity, and information and communications technology-enabled social innovation. She is Chair of the Trondheim ACM-W Chapter, and is serving as Doctoral Consortium Chair for the ACM Interaction Design and Children Conference (IDC), to be held (virtually) from June 17-24. Read a People of ACM interview.

Image of ACM Distinguished Speaker Letizia Jaccheri