The ACM Distinguished Speakers Program Committee

The ACM Distinguished Speakers Program Committee is responsible for the oversight of the program, including reviewing its scope, procedures, policies and effectiveness. The Committee also reviews all nominations and decides which nominees to accept to the program.

Andrew Conklin (Committee Chair)
Faez Ahmed
Jess Bell
Todd Chapin
Gavin Doherty
Upsana Madhok
Srinivas Padmanabhuni
Alexandre Renteria
Valerie Woolard

ACM headquarters liaison to the committee: Cynthia Ryan


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Meet Featured ACM Distinguished Speaker Valentina Salapura

Valentina Salapura is an IBM Master Inventor and System Architect at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. In the Services Innovation Lab at IBM Research, she is helping IBM realize the value of cloud computing. She received the 2006 ACM Gordon Bell Prize for contributions to the architecture and implementation of the Blue Gene/L supercomputer and Quantum Chromodynamics. She is an IEEE Fellow.

Image of ACM Distinguished Speaker Valentina Salapura