Knowledge Engineering for AI Planning

Speaker:  Mauro Vallati – Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Topic(s):  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural language processing


Automated Planning is one of the most prominent AI challenges; it has been studied extensively for several decades and led to numerous real-world applications. Recently, Automated Planning techniques have achieved significant advancements and numerous powerful planning engines have been developed. In order to reason about a given problem, domain-independent planners need a formal definition of the domain model (symbolic description of the environment and actions) and a formal description of the specific problem. Acquisition, validation, and verification of planning domain models are complex and usually error-prone processes, and represent a subset of the wider area of knowledge engineering in planning and scheduling. This lecture gives an overview of the processes involved in knowledge engineering for AI Planning, and in the challenges to face for deploying a planning-based solution.

About this Lecture

Number of Slides:  40
Duration:  45 minutes
Languages Available:  English, Italian
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