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Based in Mississauga, ON, Canada
Mohammed M. Alani


Mohammed M. Alani holds a PhD in Computer Engineering with specialization in network security. He was promoted to the rank of Professor in 2018. He has worked as a professor, and a cybersecurity expert in many countries around the world. His experience includes serving as VP of Academic Affairs in the United Arab Emirates, network and security consultancies in the Middle-East, and Cybersecurity Program Manger in Toronto Canada. He currently works as a Cybersecurity Professor at Seneca College, and a Research Fellow at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, and serves as an ACM Distinguished Speaker.

He has authored 4 books in different areas of networking and cybersecurity. In addition, his publications include an edited book and many research papers published in highly ranked journals and international conferences. He has been a member of the ACM since 2010, and currently holds the rank of Senior Member of the ACM. He also holds the rank of Senior Member of IEEE. His current research interests include applications of machine learning in cybersecurity, and machine learning security. He has served as editor, guest editor, and reviewer in many world-class journals such as ACM Computing Surveys, IEEE Transaction in Industrial Informatics, and IEEE Transactions in Network and Service Management.


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  • How can we trust AI in Cybersecurity?
    With the cybersecurity market exceeding 50USD billion, are organizations doing enough to stops the rapid increase in attacks? The trends and the success rates of the attacks suggest...
  • How safe is your AI application?
    The rapid growth in adopting artificial intelligence in different aspects of life has made it an interesting target to malicious actors. The growth in investments in artificial intelligence should...

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