Dr.  Shuaiwen Leon Song

Based in Sydney, NSW, Australia
Shuaiwen Leon Song


I am currently a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor in North America) at the School of Computer Science at University of Sydney. I hold an Affiliated Professor position with University of Washington Seattle Electrical Engineering department. Prior to my appointment at University of Sydney, I worked for U.S. Department of Energy Lab for five years as a senior staff scientist and technical lead. During my time in Seattle, I collaborated with Bespoke Silicon Group and Professor Michael Taylor. I do research at the boundary of system software and hardware, breaking down abstraction barriers, and rethinking the hardware–software interface. I have a particular interest of holistic system design and software-hardware co-design. More broadly, my expertise lies in the general areas of computer system architecture and high-performance computing (HPC). I hold the strong belief that future beyond Moore’s system architectures will become increasingly heterogeneous which demands new software (programming system, compiler, runtime) and hardware design paradigm to accommodate such complex many-accelerator integrated systems. As a computer system researcher, I am inspired to push the concept of co-design to create efficient and scalable solutions for emerging systems and applications, including future planet-scale Extended-Reality (XR) system, System ML and AI-driven System Designs, and even future quantum accelerator based heterogeneous architectures.

In 2017, I was awarded with 2017 IEEE HPC early career award. Recently, I was awarded the 2020 Australia's Most Innovative Engineer Award, 2021 Facebook faculty award, and I am currently an ACM distinguished speaker. I am also a Lawrence Scholar and a recipient of Paul E. Torgersen Excellent research award, a 2018 DOE pathway to excellence research award, 2015 and 2017 DOE PNNL lab outstanding research award, two Supercomputing (IEEE/ACM SC) best paper runner-ups (2015 and 2017), and a 2017 HiPEAC paper award. I have published in the top HPC and computer architecture conferences including ISCA, HPCA, ASPLOS, MICRO, and Supercomputing. My past and current research has been supported by Facebook, Google, NVIDIA, Intel, U.S. government agencies including DOE office of science (ASCR), DoD, DARPA and DoE Lab LDRD, and Australian Research Council (ARC). During my tenure at PNNL, I led two DOE lab LDRD projects on AI-driven architecture design and large-scale data analytics acceleration. At the University of Sydney, I run Future System Architecture (FSA) Lab with my wonderful students. Currently, we are actively collaborating with our collaborators from UW Seattle, Google Brain, Facebook and Alibaba Research on a range of cutting-edge system and architecture research topics. 

ACM Involvement:

I have been serving on ACM conferences as conference organizing committee (e.g., PPoPP, ICS, HPDC, IPDPS, ICPP), program committee members (e.g., Supercomputing, MICRO, ISCA, ASPLOS, ICS, PPoPP, PACT, HPDC), ACM student research competition organizer (ASPLOS'18), student mentorship advisor (SC'18, SC'19, SC'20, SC'21), and workshop chair in conjunction with ACM conferences (e.g., HPPAC and IPDRM).

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