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Anthony Steed


Anthony Steed is Head of the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group at University College London. He has over 25 years' experience in developing virtual reality and other forms of novel user interface system. He has long been interested in creating effective immersive experiences. While originally most of his work considered the engineering of displays and software, more recently it has focussed on user engagement in virtual reality, embodied cognition and the general problem of how to create more effective experiences through careful design of the immersive interface. He received the IEEE VGTC's 2016 Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award. 

Prof. Steed is the main author of the recent book "Networked Graphics: Building Networked Graphics and Networked Games".  He is currently very interested in tele-collaboration using mixed-reality. 

Prof. Steed has been involved in a variety of knowledge transfer activities, including four start-up companies. The most recent is Chirp (, which focuses on a problem of co-located interaction in noisy spaces by using sound as data transport.


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  • Interaction Everywhere
    There is now a plethora of ways of interacting with computers. Computers are now wearable, immersive, ubiquitous and mobile. In this talk, I will draw out some interesting parallels between quite...
  • The Computing Challenges of Mixed-Reality
    The broad area of mixed-reality (MR) systems, which include augmented reality, virtual reality and related real-time systems, poses new challenges to computing. In this talk, I will highlight some...
  • The Limits of Virtual Reality
    Today's virtual reality systems provide audio and visual stimuli to users and can read some of the user's motions and speech. We are a long way from fully immersing a user in a...
  • Where is the Interface in Virtual Reality?
    Now that virtual reality (VR) has moved from the laboratory to the consumer market, it is time to reflect on the unique properties of VR as a form of human-computer interface. Almost everyone who...

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