How to Have Impact: Five Easy Pieces

Speaker:  Emery D Berger – Amherst, MA, United States
Topic(s):  Society and the Computing Profession


Because my research group has had a pretty good record of getting the fruits of our research adopted “in the real world”, I often get asked how to get work adopted. In this talk, I will talk about five “easy” pieces of actionable advice that seem to have worked: (1) scratch an itch, (2) build real systems, (3) embed yourself, (4) give great talks, and (5) go to the mountain.

This talk consists of numerous animations, making a slide count somewhat irrelevant.
The talk is written to be delivered in English but the speaker can also present in Spanish.

Note: This talk was recently given virtually as part of the Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop @ PLDI 2020: It is based on a blog post that appeared on the ACM SIGARCH and SIGPLAN blogs:

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Number of Slides:  0
Duration:  45 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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