A Muti-agent Distributed Control of a Microgrid

Speaker:  Bidyadhar Subudhi – Ponda Goa, India
Topic(s):  Hardware, Power and Energy


A microgrid is a small-scale power system that facilitates integration of Distributed Generations (solar photovoltaic, and wind turbine etc.), local loads and energy storage units. This lecture discusses on design of distributed secondary control scheme of an AC microgrid modeled as a multi-agent system. The control objectives include microgrid voltage and frequency restoration and accurate active and reactive power-sharing among the distributed generators. The asymptotic controllers limit the convergence performance and hence are not suitable for fast-changing operating conditions. Therefore, a special emphasis is given to the finite-time convergence control approaches to achieve faster and flexible settling time for secondary control. The proposed control is fully distributed and each distributed generator communicates with its immediate neighbors for information sharing via a sparse communication network. The loss of communication link does not affect the controller performance. A dynamic average consensus-based distributed control scheme is designed for voltage and frequency synchronization that utilizes neighboring DG information. The control law forces the agents to move towards following the reference value, and causes the consensus among agents. The communication link delay analysis and upper bound on the allowable delay is derived in terms of the communication graph connectivity. It is observed that this control scheme provides good tracking performance. However, the scheme does not guarantee finite-time restoration. To deal with the sensitive loads and fast-changing operating conditions, and to obtain finite-time convergence, a distributed control scheme is then developed using the concept of cooperative control. A Lyapunov based stability and convergence analysis is presented which clearly shows that the convergence time is independent of microgrid system states and the microgrid line and load parameters. 

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Number of Slides:  45 - 50
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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