Data science is known as a "fourth paradigm" of science (empirical, theoretical, computational and now data science), mainly due to the present data surge. The society is transforming with rapid speed due to digitalization, and as a result unmanageable amount of data is generated, leading us to an era of data science. Data science is a study of source of data, what it represents and how it can be transformed into a valuable resource for business and society. It incorporates tools from multiple disciplines to gather a data set, process and derive insights, extract meaningful data from the set, and interpret it for decision-making purposes. Data science is a practice of finding answers to known problems or to uncover unknown solutions that has business value or social benefit. The lecture would cover the entire life cycle of data with the help of real-life examples. It will cover step by step explanation of every step for better understanding. It will also highlight the difficulties faced using open data and how to handle it. More importantly, it will cover the few important lessons of data science.

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