Semantic Publishing: scholarly publishing within the Semantic Web era

Speaker:  Silvio Peroni – Bologna, Italy
Topic(s):  Web, Mobile and Multimedia Technologies


The scholarly communication domain has been involved in several revolutions concerning how scientific knowledge has been shared in the past 300 years. Gutenberg's introduction of the print and the creation of learned societies have permitted research works to be shared according to a well-known medium, i.e. printed volumes of scholarly journals. The primary form of the scientific paper remained unchanged until the introduction of the Internet, which enabled research results to be rapidly communicated using e-mails. However, the advent of the World Wide Web in 1989 made possible the explosion of Digital Publishing, i.e. the use of digital formats for the routine publication and distribution of scholarly works. Only with the subsequent advent of one specific set of Web technologies, namely Semantic Web technologies, have we started to talk about Semantic Publishing. Within the scholarly domain, Semantic Publishing concerns the use of Web and Semantic Web technologies and standards for semantically enhancing a scholarly work to improve its discoverability, interactivity, openness and (re-)usability for humans and machines. In this talk, I introduce the origins and development of Semantic Publishing by also highlighting how its main concepts have been explicitly adopted by several initiatives and projects such as the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable) principles, nano-publications, research objects, and FAIR digital objects.

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Number of Slides:  20
Duration:  30/40 minutes
Languages Available:  English, Italian
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