Web, Mobile and Multimedia Technologies

Available Speakers on this Topic

Brian A. Barsky – Berkeley, CA, United States

Athman Bouguettaya – Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • Managing Web Services
    Service computing is the next major evolution of computing that aims at transforming data into artefacts that are acted upon, i.e., services.  In that respect, service computing may be viewed...

Erik Brunvand – UT, United States

  • Technological Fluency through Circuit Bending
    Electronic technology is pervasive in our modern world but how it actually works can be a mystery to many people. In 1999 and 2002 the National Research Council (NRC) released influential...

Alain Chesnais – Toronto, ON, Canada

  • 3D Content For The Web
    One of the most exciting developments in browser technology is the ability to present and interact with 3D assets in a web page. This talk will focus on the introduction of WebGL since 2011...
  • Real Time Predictive Analytics for Social Media
    Social media has grown dramatically over the last decade, both in terms of adoption and in terms of volume of information shared. Such growth proses huge challenges for people looking to...

Luca Chittaro – Udine, Italy

Charlie Fink – New York, NY, United States

Marcus Foth – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Qi Han – Golden, CO, United States

Seiji Isotani – Sao Carlos - SP, Brazil

Aditi Majumder – Irvine, CA, United States

Oge Marques – Boca Raton, FL, United States

  • Image Processing and Computer Vision in iOS
    This lecture provides directions for developers and researchers interested in developing iOS applications with image processing and computer vision capabilities. It is divided into three main...

Pearl Pu – Preverenges, Switzerland

Hanan Samet – College Park, MD, United States

Venkat Subramaniam – Broomfield, CO, United States

  • Let's Get Lazy: Explore the Real Power of Streams
    When we hear functional programming we often hear about immutability and higher-order functions. They are definitely important, but the real power of functional programming is in function...
  • Reactive Programming
    Why a new programming model? The computing platform and the demands on applications have significantly changed in the past few years. We can't be creating applications like we once did....