Algorithms for Cooperative IoT: From Edge Computing to Social Vehicles

Speaker:  Seng Loke – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Topic(s):  Web, Mobile and Multimedia Technologies


Current technology trends including edge cloud computing, IoT and device mesh, crowd computing, the sharing economy, and collective computing, involve pooling together human and machine resources from crowds of devices and people in interesting ways, via relevant algorithms, in order to achieve better resource utilization and greater capabilities, on-demand. As things get connected, there is increasing opportunity for how they can connect, cooperate and collaborate, more than ever before. The talk will provide an overview of current technology trends and how computing with the cloud, the crowd and the Internet-of-Things are interacting, including algorithms for things and crowds cooperating. The following three concepts will be detailed: Crowd+Cloud Machines, Extreme Cooperation for IoT and Smart Vehicles, and Social Links for Crowds and Things. We will also explore current research in the above areas, and discuss social issues such as privacy and security, ethics and trust, as well as technical challenges and research directions.  

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Number of Slides:  60
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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