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Nitesh Goyal


Tesh (Nitesh) Goyal is the Head of User Research on Responsible AI Tools at Google Research. His work at Google has led to launch of ML based tools like Harassment Manager to empower targets of online harassment, ML based moderation to reduce online toxic content production on platforms like OpenWeb, and multiple NLP based tools that reduce biased sensemaking in criminal justice. He received his MSc in Computer Science from UC, Berkeley and RWTH Aachen, prior to receiving his PhD from Cornell University in Information Science. His research has been supported by German Govt. Fellowship, National Science Foundation, and MacArthur Genius Grant. Frequently collaborating with industry (Google Research, Yahoo Labs, HP Labs, Bloomberg Labs), he has published in top-tier HCI conferences and journals (CHI, CSCW, JASIST, ICTD, ICIC and Ubicomp/IMWUT) and received two best paper honorable mention awards (CHI, CSCW) and one nomination (ICTD Journal). 

Tesh has served on the Organization Committee for ACM SIGCHI conferences multiple times including Tech Program Chair at CHI 2023, GDI Chair at CHI 2021, Doctoral Consortium Chair at IMX 2021, D&I Lunch Chair at CHI 2018-2020, and over 10 times as Associate Chair at multiple CHI and CSCW conferences since 2016. Tesh has also been appointed as Adjunct Professor at NYU Computer Science Department. Tesh's work is frequently covered in press, and has been invited to present at academic institutions in N America, Europe, and Asia on Responsible AI, and Sensemaking.

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