Dr.  Nikolas Ioannou Digital Library

Based in Zurich, Switzerland
Nikolas Ioannou


Nikolas Ioannou is a Research Manager and Master Inventor at IBM Research Zurich, where he leads the Cloud Data Platforms group, working on cloud infrastructure, non-volatile memories, distributed file systems, and systems aspects of machine learning frameworks. His work has had product impact in a range of IBM products, including IBM FlashSystem, IBM Cloud database services, the IBM Easy Tier Server for DS8000, and IBM Watson Machine Learning. Nikolas has over 90 patents (60 granted) in the areas of machine learning, solid-state memory technology, and cloud computing; he has authored articles in journals such as ACM ToS, ACM TACO, IEEE TPDS, and IBM JRD, and in major conferences including Usenix FAST, VLDB, NeurIPS, MICRO, PACT; he received 1 best paper award (SYSTOR), 2 best paper nominations, and 2 spotlight awards (NeurIPS, MICCAI). Nikolas is a Senior Member of the ACM, and he received his PhD in computer science from the University of Edinburgh (UK).


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