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Based in Beijing, China
Zitao Liu


Zitao Liu is the Head of AI Lab at TAL Education Group (NYSE:TAL), one of the largest leading education and technology enterprises in China. His research is in the area of machine learning, and includes contributions in the areas of artificial intelligence in education, multimodal knowledge representation and user modeling. Specifically, he studies and develops AI approaches to tackle some of the hard-core problems in AIED, such as automatic short answer grading, knowledge tracing, dropout prediction, class activity detection, etc. His work has included both fundamental and applied research. He has published his research in highly ranked conference proceedings, such as AAAI, AIED, Ubicomp, etc. and serves as top tier AI conference/workshop organizers/program committees. 

Besides conducting the cutting-edge AIED research, Dr. Liu starts the initiative of building an effective & open AI ecosystem for education. Dr. Liu created the TAL AI Open Platform (https://ai.100tal.com/), which is the first open platform providing the AI solutions to the Edtech community. This helps the small and medium-sized institutions to upgrade their education products and hence contribute to a better AIED ecosystem. 

Before joining TAL, Zitao was a senior research scientist at Pinterest and received his Ph.D degree in Computer Science from University of Pittsburgh. 


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