More and more data is being generated around us by every activity in our daily life. Such large amounts of data are changing the way in which we do things and are used by companies and organisations to make data-driven decisions. From mobile phones, wearable devices, up to the shopping we do, more and more data is being stored and analysed for a number of commercial and humanitarian purposes.
In this talk, I will present Big Data dimensions and examples of large data processing infrastructures that companies such as Facebook and Google currently use. I will then talk about the way big data is changing our lives including, for example, how advertisement is being personalised based on our individual data and how working patterns are today decided by data and algorithms. Finally, I will present the Big Data research we do at the University of Queensland where we are investigate novel ways to provide access to information on the Web by integrating structured and unstructured content together.

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Number of Slides:  35
Duration:  40 minutes
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