Creating Delightful User Experiences

Speaker:  AndrĂ©s Lucero – Helsinki, Finland
Topic(s):  Human Computer Interaction


Playfulness is a mindset whereby people approach everyday activities with a frivolous, purposeless, and frisky attitude—as something not serious, with neither a clear goal nor real-world consequences. Playful experiences are realized when people take a playful approach to activities or how they look at the world. Over the past decade, we have been trying to understand how playfulness can be employed in creating meaningful and memorable experiences for users. Playfulness is an important but often neglected design quality for all kinds of products. Features that make games and play engaging can also make other kinds of products more enjoyable, elicit more meaningful experiences from them, and ultimately increase the quality of the overall user experience and, respectively, the market value of a product. In this lecture, I will discuss theoretical and empirical efforts aimed at understanding, designing, and evaluating playful experiences.

About this Lecture

Number of Slides:  20 - 30
Duration:  30 - 60 minutes
Languages Available:  English, French, Spanish
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