An interdisciplinary STEAM approach to cyber security research

Speaker:  Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo – San Antonio, TX, United States
Topic(s):  Security and Privacy


Culturally and economically open nations, such as the United States (US), have thrived on the wealth that cyberspace and technologies have enabled. However, just as cyberspace and technologies provide new opportunities for governments and businesses to operate and expand their presence and reach, it also presents opportunities for those with criminal intentions and leaves us, as individuals, communities, organizations and as a nation, highly exposed to the threat of cyberattacks and a broad spectrum of malicious activities. An open nation cannot shut down its cyber systems for fear of these threats but instead it must build the national resilience needed to maintain an open yet secure cyber space. Short-term technical measures (e.g. patching known vulnerabilities) are not adequate in addressing the constant evolving cyberthreat landscape and the broad spectrum of attacks. Therefore, this presentation will explain the importance of cross- and multi-disciplinary approaches in identifying cybersecurity risks and the potential target areas, and the development of technical and non-technical responses that will neutralize cybercrime opportunities before they arise.

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Number of Slides:  30 - 45
Duration:  45 - 60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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