Editor's Perspective of Publishing Quality Research

Speaker:  Haider Abbas – Islamabad, Pakistan
Topic(s):  Society and the Computing Profession


Academic research publication in a journal plays a key role in knowledge dissemination and the career development of researchers. However, despite its importance, very minimal or negligible formal training is usually provided on preparing a high-quality manuscript for publication. The rejection of the submitted articles can be very discouraging for the researchers. Publishing an article in a journal is examined from the perspective of an editor. A research manuscript, besides fitting a journal’s scope in terms of the topic, must also meet certain criteria of quality to get published. The talk shall provide suggestions on preparing a quality research manuscript and share some important tips to avoid desk rejection. The review process of the manuscripts shall be discussed, and the reasons of manuscript rejection shall be explained. 

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Number of Slides:  32
Duration:  25-30 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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