In the Era of Cybersecurity: Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems

Speaker:  Nicolas Sklavos – Patra, Greece
Topic(s):  Security and Privacy


Cybersecurity is a completely new concept, which has attracted the major interest of both academia and industry. New technologies, such as Internet of Things, have shown special interest for cybersecurity systems, in order to fruitful the special demands, of confidentially, authorization, and integrity, for sensitive and personal data. In the cybersecurity era, critical hardware based technologies are latest applied, in order to support efficiently crucial security applications and embedded devices. Filling the security gaps of present and future, for technologies such as IoT, 5G/6G etc, are consider as targets of major importance. Security tokens, privacy services, approaches such as smart cards, and trusted platforms modules, are also focused. Systems’ vulnerabilities, are well as security analysis and possible attacks, are considered of major importance, in the cybersecurity era. Cryptographic hardware and embedded systems, are proven powerful and trustworthy solutions in terms of implementation efficiency: timing, throughput, allocated resources, power, energy, always in balance with the security level, each time. Alternative hardware devices and frameworks, can be used alternatively, in order to achieve the best implementation parameters each time.

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Number of Slides:  80 - 100
Duration:  90 - 120 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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