DataCare for Digital Twins: Participatory Data Analytics and the Social Licence to Operate Smart Cities

Speaker:  Marcus Foth – Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Topic(s):  Human Computer Interaction


Data analytics through smart city technology deployments such as digital twins has the potential to create more liveable, sustainable, and equitable cities. However, internationally, there are many examples of smart city developments that have attracted criticism, concerns, and community backlash over issues such as data ethics, privacy, mass surveillance, commodification, and social control. In response, this talk by Professor Marcus Foth presents DataCare – a model for cities to practically implement a participatory data analytics approach as a way to renew and maintain the social licence to operate smart cities. Grounded in a critical review of the literature, the talk argues that data collection and automation in smart cities must be more citizen and community-oriented.

Informed by smart city developments in Toronto and Barcelona, Prof. Foth will introduce DataCare – a hybrid physical space and digital engagement program for cities to champion data leadership and empower consumers, communities and businesses to actively participate in city analytics. DataCare aims to increase data transparency and access, raise awareness of data ethics, offer data literacy training, engage people in participatory data analytics, and speculate about city data futures.

The goal of this talk is for the audience to understand the merits of expanding city data analytics capabilities by extending their reach and delivering externally facing, accessible interfaces for community and business users. Incorporating a participatory approach is essential for more accessible city analytics, which in turn is vital for the success of a data-driven knowledge economy.

Recommended readings:

Mann, M., Mitchell, P., Foth, M., & Anastasiu, I. (2020). #BlockSidewalk to Barcelona: Technological Sovereignty and the Social Licence to Operate Smart Cities. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 71(9), 1103-1115.

Foth, M., Anastasiu, I., Mann, M., & Mitchell, P. (2021). From Automation to Autonomy: Technological Sovereignty for Better Data Care in Smart Cities. In B. T. Wang & C. M. Wang (Eds.), Automating Cities: Design, Construction, Operation and Future Impact (pp. 319-343). Springer.

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