Technology is the least of our concerns:?Three provocations in response to the climate emergency

Speaker:  Marcus Foth – Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Topic(s):  Human Computer Interaction


Rising sea levels and more frequent severe weather events are already having major impacts on communities worldwide. Climate change is no longer a future prospect but here and now. The go-to solution to the climate emergency for government and industry has been technology. The promise of quick technology and engineering fixes instils hope but more importantly does not require any sacrifices or compromises so consumption can increase unchecked in line with neoclassical economic paradigms still underpinning most societies—capitalism’s aspiration for unlimited growth.

This talk asks a simple question with some profound responses: Will technology innovation save us?

Prof. Marcus Foth will present three provocations in response to the climate emergency:
1.    Efficiency gains ain’t gonna cut it;
2.    Human-centred design is part of the problem, and;
3.    Science and technology won’t fix climate change.

The talk is aimed at prompting further questions and discussion: What responsibility should citizens take in making ethical consumption choices? What is the role of design and designers in intermediating between government, industry and citizens?

Recommended readings:

Bedford, L., Mann, M., Foth, M., & Walters, R. (2022). A post-capitalocentric critique of digital technology and environmental harm: new directions at the intersection of digital and green criminology. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 11(1), 167-181.

Yigitcanlar, T., Foth, M., & Kamruzzaman, M. (2019). Towards Post-Anthropocentric Cities: Reconceptualising Smart Cities to Evade Urban Ecocide. Journal of Urban Technology, 26(2), 147-152.

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