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Based in Lancaster, United Kingdom
Corina Sas


Corina Sas is Professor in Human-Computer Interaction with the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University, UK. Her research focuses on designing and evaluating technologies for wellbeing, mental health, memory support, creative and reflective thinking in design, as well as novel tools for designing such technologies. Her work explores and integrates wearable bio sensors, mobile and lifelogging technologies with the aim to shape the interaction design and user experience. 

Corina served as General co-Chair of the 14th and 15th ACM Creativity and Cognition Conference 2021, 2022, and of the British HCI Conference in 2007. She has also extensively served as Associate Chair for CHI and DIS, and has been Subcommittee Co-Chair for DIS. She published over 200 papers, and her work received extensive media coverage as well as 5 Best Paper and Honourable Mention Awards. She has been investigator on grants totalling over £15 million and is part of the Editorial Boards of the ACM Transactions in Human-Computer Interaction, and Taylor & Francis Human Computer Interaction journals. 

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