Comprehensive treatment of security of persistent memories

Speaker:  Swaroop Ghosh – State College, PA, United States
Topic(s):  Security and Privacy


Conventional volatile memories e.g., Static RAM (SRAM) suffer from significant leakage power whereas conventional storage class Non-Volatile Memories (NVMs) e.g., Flash suffer from higher write energy, and, poor performance and endurance. Emerging NVMs such as, Spin-Transfer Torque RAM (STTRAM) and Resistive RAM (ReRAM) offer zero leakage, high-density, scalability and high endurance. Due to promising aspects emerging NVMs are already being commercialized by Everspin, Crocus, Adesto and Intel/Micron. Although NVMs can reap energy and performance benefits they may face new security issues that were not perceived before. This talk will cover, (i) vulnerabilities of NVMs; (ii) integrity threats e.g., tampering and row-hammering; (iii) methods of real-time attack sensing; (iv) circuits and system-level techniques e.g., nano-shielding and memory access control to ensure data integrity; (v) privacy threats e.g., unauthorized access and fault injection attack to extract secret data; (vi) quantized memory, intelligent erasure and camouflaging of side channels to ensure data privacy.

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Number of Slides:  50
Duration:  60 minutes
Languages Available:  English
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