Dr.  Donald Gotterbarn Digital Library

Based in Johnson City, TN, United States


Don is a professor emeritus East Tennessee State University in the department of Computing where he developed their Master of Software Engineering program and founded the Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute. As a computing consultant he worked on commercial, medical, and financial systems. He developed and tested software systems for the U.S. Navy and for the Saudi Arabian Navy and certification of software for vote counting machines and missile defense systems.
Dr. Gotterbarn has established an international reputation in software engineering and professional computing having had appointments as a Visiting Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh USA; a Research Fellow at The Australian National University, Canberra, AU, and as a visiting professor  in software engineering ethics at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and at the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility, Leicester UK, He was also a Research Fellow in software engineering Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, AU.
Don is a longstanding leader of the ACM Committee on Professional Ethics and serves as a member of ACM’s Practitioner’s Development Committee.  He also holds appointments in several international computing societies.
Dr. Gotterbarn taught communications, risk analysis, and professional issues for organizations such as the NSA, TATA Consultancy Services, Yunnan University, and the British Computer Society. He recently consulted with the UN on ways to use AI in developing countries.
Don has published over 100 articles, contributed to more than a dozen books and written several encyclopedia articles. He chaired the committee that updated the ACM Code of Ethics and also chaired the committee that wrote the IEEE-ACM Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.   
Dr. Gotterbarn’s technical work includes funded US research on performance prediction, risk analysis, object-oriented testing, software engineering education, and computer ethics; and funded European Union projects on visual analytics and responsible research innovation.

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