Graphics and Computer-Aided Design

Available Speakers on this Topic

Erik Brunvand – UT, United States

Marie-Paule Cani – Paris Saclay, France

Ilke Demir – Hermosa Beach, CA, United States

Alec Jacobson – Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Breaking Barriers between Humans and Geometry
    In the field of geometry processing, I work to make sense of existing geometric data and provide interfaces to put that data to further use. Today, we find many sources of geometric data...
  • Geometry Processing in the Wild
    Geometric data abounds, but our algorithms for geometry processing are failing. Whether from medical imagery, free-form architecture, self-driving cars, or 3D-printed parts, geometric data...

Joaquim A Jorge – Lisboa, Portugal

Leif Kobbelt – Aachen, Germany

Niloy J Mitra – London, United Kingdom

Jacquelyn F Morie – Los Angeles, CA, United States

Miguel Otaduy – Madrid, Spain

  • Game physics for design applications
    Design is ubiquitous, and computer graphics has been an integral tool for design since the early days of CAD. The relevance of CAD in computer graphics is experiencing a revival, and this is also...

Renato Pajarola – Zurich, Switzerland

Erik Reinhard – Bazouges Sous Hede, France

Anthony Steed – London, United Kingdom

  • The Computing Challenges of Mixed-Reality
    The broad area of mixed-reality (MR) systems, which include augmented reality, virtual reality and related real-time systems, poses new challenges to computing. In this talk, I will highlight some...

David G. Stork – Sunnyvale, CA, United States