Networks and Communications

Available Speakers on this Topic

Enrique Alba – Malaga, Spain

Mohamed Elhoseny – Mansoura, Egypt

Faraz Hasan – Palmerston North, New Zealand

  • Device to Device Discovery for High-Frequency 5G Networks
    5G will be deployed in the 3.5GHz band across the world in the first instance. The future deployments in high-frequency bands (28GHz, 38GHz, etc.) will unleash the true potential of 5G...
  • Recent Developments in Device-free Passive Technology
    The art of positioning a user without needing them to carry a device has matured over the years. The so-called ‘device-free’ techniques that were originally introduced for...
  • What 5G is and what it isn?t
    This talk introduces the Fifth Generation (5G) of mobile phone technology and addresses a number of relevant technical and non-technical issues. This talk starts with formally defining 5G...

Muhammad Awais Javed – Islamabad, Pakistan

Anura Jayasumana – Fort Collins, CO, United States

Weizhi Meng – Copenhagen, Denmark

Sanjay Misra – Lagos, Nigeria

Zeeshan Pervez – Paisley, United Kingdom

  • What it takes to secure programmable networks
    In this lecture, I will present research and technical challenges of securing programmable networks i.e., software-defined networks. Dividing a network into control, data, and application plans...

Junaid Qadir – Doha, Qatar

Danda B Rawat – Washington, DC, United States

Syed Hassan Ahmed Shah – Corona, CA, United States

Biplab Sikdar – Singapore, Singapore

  • Internet of Things: Technologies and Challenges
    The living, work, and industrial environment of the future will comprise of environments formed by extremely large numbers of devices that are producers and consumers of information, and whose...

Madhusudan Singh – Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Gautam Srivastava – Brandon, MB, Canada