Software Engineering and Programming

Available Speakers on this Topic

Rizwan Ahmed – Nagpur, India

  • Agile Project Management
    This talk will cover various technical aspects related to Agile Project Management. This talk will cover following specific topics: 

Enrique Alba – Malaga, Spain

  • How Can Metaheuristics Help Software Engineers
    This presentation focuses on the potential benefits that metaheuristics (Genetic Algorithms, Ant Colonies, Particle Swarm, etc.) can bring to the field of Software Engineering (SE). For this to...

Emery D Berger – Amherst, MA, United States

  • Performance Matters
    Performance clearly matters to users. For example, the most common software update on the AppStore is "Bug fixes and performance enhancements." Now that Moore's Law has ended,...
  • Saving the World from Spreadsheets
    Spreadsheets are one of the most widely used programming environments, with roughly 1 billion users of Microsoft Excel alone. Unfortunately, spreadsheets make it all too easy to make errors...

Gilbert Cockton – Sunderland, United Kingdom

Dan Garcia – Millbrae, CA, United States

Gernot Heiser – Sydney, NSW, Australia

Letizia Jaccheri – Trondheim, Norway

  • From Software through Art to Sustainability
    The main goal of my research through 30 years is to understand software by empirical studies. While researchers traditionally use students as subjects to pilot studies before they are...

Aditya Kumar – San Jose, CA, United States

Mehdi Mirakhorli – Rochester, NY, United States

  • Securing Software Supply Chain
    Software development is not always transparent, especially in commercial and non-open source software. When acquiring a software product, vendors often lack sufficient insight into the ability of...

Sanjay Misra – Lagos, Nigeria

Denys Poshyvanyk – Williamsburg, VA, United States

  • Deep Learning for Software Engineering
    Bridging the abstraction gap between concepts and source code is the essence of software engineering (SE). SE researchers regularly use machine learning to bridge this gap, but there are...

Ashish Seth – Tashkent, Uzbekistan